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Three layer 160cm High Large Capacity Electric Clothes Dryer

Three layer 160cm High Large Capacity Electric Clothes Dryer

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1. It's a 3-layer dryer that can hold 15 kg of clothing. 6 free plastic hangers in it, suitable for drying different items.

2. In the case of same weight, We use stronger stainless steel instead of aluminum alloy, making it more sturdy, beautiful, not rusty, not shaking easily.

3. There are 4 universal wheels at the bottom, you can freely move to any position you want.

4. The latest host. Up to 1500W power, faster and quieter drying than before.

5. A filter sponge on the air inlet of the dryer to filter cleaner air during the drying process to avoid the peculiar smell of the clothes. What's more, it can protect the heater from dust, hair and other foreign objects.

6. The safest design, dual temperature control safety device, to ensure your safety.
① Automatic fuse, when external temperature or internal temperature above 105 degrees Celsius, automatically shut down the machine to protect personal safety.
② The intelligent thermostat, automatically monitors the temperature changes, when temperature is higher than 85 degrees Celsius, the machine automatically shuts down and waits for it to cool down before it can be turned on.

7. CE certification and BS standard plug.


Brand: Concise Home
Product Name: Three layer 170cm High Large Capacity Electric Clothes Dryer
SKU: CH-10015
Rated Power: 1500W
Capacity: 15kg
Rated Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz
Colour: Blue
Material: Stainless steel & clothes
Certification: CE


Product Size: 70*46*160cm
Packing Size: 74*30*24cm

Packing List

40cm stainless steel tube*4,
550cm stainless steel tube*4,
300cm stainless steel tube*4,
690cm stainless steel tube*11,
towel racks*6,
universal wheels*4,
plastic frame*8,
cloth cover*1


Simple knob operation
Socks and other clothing accessories-about 30 minutes
Silk cloth-about 60 minutes
Shirt-about 90 minutes
Cotton clothes-about 120 minutes
Pants-about 150 minutes
Denim-about 180 minutes


1. Wring Your Clothes
You should wring your clothes before you put your clothes in to the clothes dryer, which will help you dry your clothes more quickly and safely.

2. Not to Put Too Much Clothes
You should not put too much clothes into the clothes dryer(no more than 15 kg). It will decrease the efficiency of clothes drying. The plastic frame can not support more than 15 kg clothes too.

Concise Home electric clothes dryers are suitable for wet, cold and rainy weather, helping you dry and disinfect your clothes and various textiles. We can hang our clothes on the hanger so that our clothes will be dried without wrinkle, which is equivalent to a clothes hanger and steam iron. When not in use, you can take it as a portable wardrobe. The host of the clothes dryer can also be used as a heater, to raise the room temperature. 

This three layer higher clothes dryer is suitable for long clothes like women dress, long trench coat and other long clothes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mrs C Bateman
Drying clothes indoors without condensation

Excellent drying speed - a word of caution - do not overload. I put tops on hangers. Denim jeans dryed quicker than expected - I hung each leg over two rails at the top to maximise air circulation. Very impressed - so glad I bought it. No condensation problems and it warms the room as well!!!

Jacky Laird
Well worth the price

This is cheaper than most of the products on the market that do exactly the same thing. Not the fastest of driers, and sometimes longer stuff like trousers or dresses, don't always dry at the bottom. But, I've found that if I fold them over a hanger they dry just fine. Not great for towels but overall well worth the money. Very lightweight so easy to move about and put away when not in use. Very handy piece of kit. I would definitely recommend (quicker delivery than expected too).

Pauline Westfield

I really love this airer. Much better than I expected.
I was dreading putting it together after reading some reviews but it turned out to be easy. Make sure the wheels are pushed in completely and that you put the bottom of the cover on after attaching the first of the upright poles.
The washing takes about as long to dry as my tumble dryer used to, maybe a little quicker and everything I've dried so far has come out crease free.
Really happy with it so far.

dear customer, thank you for your review. we will try to do better, have a nice day!

Electric Clothes Dryer

It arrived on time and it is a lot larger than I thought it would be, but overall I am happy with the size. I don't have a clothes dryer, so my daughter thought it would be a good idea to buy one of these.

I used it for the the first time last night and I am pleased with the results.

dear customer, thank you for your review. we will try to do better

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