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Sanqiao Standing Portable Professional Hair Dryer Hood

Sanqiao Standing Portable Professional Hair Dryer Hood

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1. Simple and convenient double-knob operation.
*0-60 minutes of the timer,
*30-70℃ temperature adjustment,
*adjustable according to different needs

2. Powerful drying horsepower. 950W drying horsepower, enough to help you quickly form the hairstyle you want, also keep it quieter.

3. New design of the inlet, help more fresh and clean air come into the hood.

4. Five solider feet, with 5 universal wheels, help the standing hair dryer move more easily.

5. User-friendly and professional design.
*Simple operation and assembly.
*Hood can be opened or removed.
*Head cover can be adjusted 90 degrees.
*The height of the machine can be adjusted from the lowest 140cm to 180cm height.

6. CE certification, Insurance settings to ensure the safety of users.
*if abnormal temperature appears or any foreign things is involved into it, the machine will automatically stop working to ensure your safety.
*with a 1.5-meter long three-wire power cord.
*with the British BS certified three-pin plug.


Brand: Concise Home
Product Name: Professional hair dryer for beauty salon
SKU: SQ-10005
Rated Power: 950W
Rated Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz
Colour: Black
Product Size: 70*180cm
Packing Size: 43*42*64cm
Material: Iron, Plastic
Certification: CE


Product Size: 70*180cm
Packing Size: 43*42*64cm
Gross Weight: 8kg

Packing List

1 * instruction
1 * head
2 * supporting bar
5 * wheels
1 * central slot
1 * screw



Hair dryer is a good hairdressing tool for hair coloring, perming, conditioning and dry hair. Suitable for home care and beauty salons. When you use it, not only can beautify your hair, but also can help rest, relax the head and promote blood circulation. Used with hair gel, your hair will stay shiny for a long time. Strong winds can sustain heating to help you make the hairstyle you want.

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