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Sanqiao Wall Mounted Professional Hair Dryer Hood for Salon

Sanqiao Wall Mounted Professional Hair Dryer Hood for Salon

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1. Simple and convenient double knob operation. 0-60 minute timer, adjustable temperature from 30°C to 75°C. You can adjust it freely to suit all your needs.

2. Ergonomic and professional design. Easy to operate and assemble. The hood can be opened or removed. The hood can be adjusted at 90 degrees. The iron arm can be moved up and down, left and right with multiple reassurances, which can meet the needs of any seat.

3. Powerful drying horsepower. 900W of drying horsepower. But it can be kept quiet enough. It comes with an UK plug cable, with 1 year free warranty.

4. The benefits of wall-mounted. Saves you space and avoids taking up a lot of floor space and leading to cluttered items. More solid and stable as it is fixed to the wall using 4 brass screws, no tipping, tilting etc. This product needs to be installed on a concrete wall, which requires sufficient space.

5. Great hair styling tool for perming, conditioning, coloring, shaping and drying hair. Perfect for salon, beauty center, spa, hairdresser's, and also at home.


Brand: Sanqiao
Product Name: Professional wall mounted hair dryer for beauty salon
SKU: YC-1600
Color: Black
Material: Iron, Plastic
Dryer head: 45*35 cm
Dryer arm: 82*78 cm
Timer: 0-60 minutes
Power: 900 watts
Voltage and frequency: 220-240 V/50 HZ
Adjustable temperature: 30 ~ 75 ℃
Installation mode: Wall mounted
Certification: CE


Dryer head: 45*35 cm
Dryer arm: 82*78 cm
The length of the wire plug: 150 cm

Packing List

Dryer head*1
Dryer arm*1


Please Pre-check before installing the wall swing-arm.

Please ensure the wall is well-build and sufficient to carry the force and load from the machine.

As illustrated from the picture below, the hanger is recommended to be installed between 1850-2000mm above ground.

-Power supply
There shall be wall plug (220V/50Hz) within 500mm radius of the machine.

Installation of the wall-arm-adaptor

1. Drill holes with. 10.5 mm diameter, 65 mm depth, on the wall, using the wall-arm-adaptor as a template.

2. Insert cavity into the hole, tighten it up with a nut, make sure the cavity is in the hole properly.

3. Place the wall-arm-adaptor onto the cavities. Place in order washer, then spring washer, finally lock down by tighten nut to it.


Please ensure the installation is accurate and firm, preventing the machine from falling down. Because the wall-arm-adaptor has to carry the load of the whole machine and the swing-arm.

Sanqiao wall mounted hair dryer is a great hair styling tool for perming, conditioning, colouring, shaping and drying hair. It is so ideal for home and hairdressers. It will not only beautify your hair but also help to rest, relax your head and improve blood circulation. When combined with a hairdressing gel, your hair will stay shiny for a long time. The powerful wind force provides continuous heat to help you get the hair style you want.
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