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2000W Two Hosts Large Capacity 30kg Electric Clothes Dryer For Hotel

2000W Two Hosts Large Capacity 30kg Electric Clothes Dryer For Hotel

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1. Sturdy stainless steel frame dryer. aesthetically pleasing and not rusty, and will not shake.

2.Four universal wheels on the bottom, you are free to move it to anywhere.

3. Two layers, 30kg big capacity. You can dry more clothes at one time.

4. 2 sets of 1000W host, drying more clothes and faster. You can also dry large bedding, such as sheets and quilts.

5. An additional filter sponge in the air inlet of the dryer to clean air to avoid clothes smell, and protect the host from dust, hair and other objects inhaled inside the host.

6. Automatic fuse design to ensure your safety. When external temperature or internal temperature reaches 105℃ or more, the fuse will be blown and the machine will be automatically shut down to protect user’s safety.

7. Intelligent temperature controller, automatic monitoring of temperature changes, the temperature is higher than 85℃, the machine will be forced to shut down until cooling down thoroughly before they can boot.

8. The hanging vertical drying can dry clothes without wrinkles, which is equivalent to the function of a steam iron. It is cheaper, easier and more convenient than tumble dryer.

9. CE approved BS standard plugs.


Brand: Concise Home
Product Name: 2000W Two Hosts Large Capacity 30kg Electric Clothes Dryer
SKU: CH-10014
Rated Power: 2000W
Rated Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz
Colour: Blue
Material: Stainless steel & clothes
Certification: CE


Product Size: 120*46*170CM
Packing Size: 121.5*23.5*20CM

Packing List

790MM stainless steel pipes*8
1190MM stainless steel pipes*9
towel racks*20
instruction manual*1
plastic frames*6
cloth cover*1


Simple knob operation
Socks and other clothing accessories - about 30 minutes
Silk cloth - about 60 minutes
Shirt - about 90 minutes
Cotton clothes - about 120 minutes
Pants - about 150 minutes
Denim - about 180 minutes

1. Hang your clothes on the shelf after washing them. You can dry 30 kg clothes at one time.
2.Close the zipper.
3.Turn on the start switch, set the timer, and then you can start drying and sterilizing.


1. Wring Your Clothes
You should wring your clothes before you put your clothes in to the clothes dryer, which will help you dry your clothes more quickly and safely.

2. Not to Put Too Much Clothes
You should not put too much clothes into the clothes dryer(no more than 30 kg). It will decrease the efficiency of clothes drying. The plastic frame can not support more than 30 kg clothes too.

Electric Clothes Dryer suitable for damp, cold, rainy weather, to help you dry and disinfect your clothes and a variety of textiles. It can hang clothes hanging in the rack, so that your clothes will not wrinkle, the equivalent of Steam iron. When you do not use, you can also use as a portable wardrobe, wardrobe. And the host of the dryer, you can also use as a heater, so you no longer cold. Very practical and effective.

This dual host electric clothes dryer has a large capacity, up to 30KG, suitable for drying a large number of clothes or larger bed sheets and quilt covers, even when not in use, can also serve as a large wardrobe

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Customer Reviews

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Mr. M. A. Charlaw
Works well.

The clothes dryer was assembled and placed in my garden room (conservatory). Used by my wife twice, dries the clorhes well

dear customer, thank you for your review. we will try to do better, have a nice day!

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