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10G Black Ozone Machine

10G Black Ozone Machine

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1. 7000-10000mg ozone output, quickly eliminate peculiar smell and allergens. Suitable for larger rooms about 100 sqm.

2. Vertical strip air outlet, more reasonable angle and width of the air outlet, so that ozone can be released quickly, and can quickly cover indoor areas.

3. New filter cotton is added at the fan entrance on the back of the machine. In the early stage of air purification, hair and large particles of dust are filtered in advance to improve air quality and purification efficiency. It can also increase the service life of the machine and reduce machine failures.

4. Built-in two ozone ceramic tablets and ozone volume adjustment buttons, the ozone volume can be freely switched between 3500-5000mg and 7000-10000mg.

5. Portable handle, rubber non-slip feet.

6. The 120-minute timer, 1.8 meters to the length of the power cord, is more convenient to use, and can be used in homes, offices, ships, cars and other places.

7. Passed CE and FCC certification. Use 220-240V, three-pin BS plug.


Brand: Concise Home
Product Name: Concise Home 10g Black Ozone Generator
SKU: CH-00025
Rated Power: 100W
Rated Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz
Coverage : 50 sqm
Colour: Black
Ozone Boards: 1 piece
Ozone output: 10 G/H
Noise: 35 db
Timer: 0-120 minutes
Certification: CE
With Hold function, it can release ozone for a long time.
With ozone concentration adjustment button, switch between large concentration and small concentration.


Product Size: 22 * 28 * 18cm
Packing Size: 32*29*23cm
Gross Weight: 4kg

Packing List

1* host,
1* power cord,
1* manual



1. Unoccupied Environment
Human and pets must leave the room when you use the ozone generator!
We can not live in a high-density ozone enviroment!

2. Fresh Air After Use
It is working when the red lamp turns on, and people must leave the room at this time.
It stops working when the red lamp turns off, you should open the doors and window to let fresh air come in at this time.

The newly designed ozone generator-ozone output is between 7000mg and 10000mg. This is the same way that ozone (lightning) is produced in nature, and it is the secret weapon of nature's smell. Eliminate pollen, mold, cigarettes/cigars, pet odors, and apply almost any odor to other irritants in the air. Helps eliminate and delay the growth of mold, mildew and fungi, and reduce allergens.

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Customer Reviews

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Concise Home Customer
Brilliant for removing odours in cars houses

I bought this to clear the fausty smell coming from my air conditioning in the car. I'd previously used the aerosol can to kill the bacteria but the smell came back fairly quickly. I put this in the passenger footwell, switched on and shut the doors and windows. After one cycle (120 minutes) the car was odour free and it still smells fresh. If you have pets this will clear any smells.


it's a bit expensive, but worthy. I bought it to kill the virus during the covid-19, hope we can keep healthy and overcome the difficult time.

thank you dear Madeleine, hope all of us can keep healthy during such hard time

K. G.

Responsible sellers, customer service to deal with the problem efficiency is commendable.

Thank you very much, we will do better to satisfy our customers


In addition to formaldehyde purifier is particularly good, simple and convenient operation, ventilation and purification of air in addition to taste real! The seller's service attitude is good, it's really worth it!

thank you for your comment dear Malcolm, hope you like our product, if there is any problem with the machine, you can contact us for help at any time

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