What is a warm air clothes dryer? What's the principle of a warm air clothes dryer?

The warm air dryer is mainly a multifunctional household appliance that integrates the functions of drying clothes for heating, clothes hanging and disinfection, and its use is very safe and convenient. This article mainly introduces the warm air dryer around some principles, characteristics, main accessories, main uses and pictures of the warm air dryer.

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The principle of warm air dryer

The warm air dryer mainly uses various methods such as increasing the temperature, reducing the humidity, increasing the speed of the airflow, and expanding the evaporation area to achieve rapid drying of clothes. Commonly used heating methods mainly include heating wire heating and semiconductor (ptc) heating. The heater is mainly composed of semiconductors, and it is mainly convenient for it to automatically control the temperature, which is very safe and reliable.

Features of warm air dryer

concise home air dryer

1. It can statically dry clothes, which can avoid wrinkles or damage to clothes caused by friction between clothes during the drying process.

2. Clothing can be isolated from the outside world, and it is dust-free and bacteria-free. There will be no invasion of insects, and it can effectively prevent secondary pollution.

3. The main thing is that its volume is very small, its capacity is relatively large, the structure is very compact, it is also very safe and reliable, and the drying efficiency is relatively high, and the drying capacity at one time can reach 10-15 kg.

4. it is very easy to load and unload, and it is also convenient for business travel.

5. It is also energy-saving and power-saving. Compared with traditional clothes dryers, it can save electricity by as much as 35%.

large capacity electric clothes dryer

6. It can also supply air with a large angle of 360°.

7. It mainly uses ptc heating element, which is different from the traditional heating method, which is safer and more acceptable to people.

8. set the warm air dryer and wardrobe in one, fully functional

9. During normal operation, the maximum internal temperature will be as high as 70°, which can play a certain role in disinfection and sterilization. In addition, products with ultraviolet uv lamps can sterilize 99.3% of the bacteria.

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