Is the warm air clothes dryer really useful?

The warm air clothes dryer is a household appliance that uses PTC heating element to generate heat energy. It has the following characteristics:
1. Fast drying, the standard drying process only takes 60 minutes, which is more than half the time of traditional clothes dryers.
2. Static clothes drying, during the drying process, the clothes are not rubbed and damaged due to mutual friction.
3. Eliminate secondary pollution, isolate clothing from the outside world, and avoid intrusion of dust, insects and bacteria.
4. Efficient sterilization: When the dryer is working normally, the internal temperature can reach up to 70 degrees, which can sterilize 99.3%.
5. One machine is multi-purpose, lightweight and convenient: it integrates a heater, a clothes dryer and a wardrobe. Small size, large capacity (up to 30KG for drying clothes at a time), easy to load and unload, convenient for business and travel.
The warm air dryer is generally composed of: heating element, bracket, waterproof cloth cover, clothes hanger, towel hanger, etc., light and compact, convenient for family use.
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