What should we pay attention to when using the hair steamer?

1. Please pull out the plug when it is not in use. Holding the power supply for a long time may cause fire or accident.

2. Do not cut, damage or modify the power cord, do not pull, twist or unplug it vigorously, do not wind the power cord around the hair steamer machine, it may cause a fire or short circuit. If the power cord is damaged or becomes hot, please stop using it immediately.

3. If the power cord or plug is damaged or becomes hot, please stop using it immediately, otherwise there may be a fire, moderate wire or injury.

4. Do not use the machine on flammable materials such as benzene, paint, spray fire extinguisher, etc., otherwise it may cause an explosion or fire.

5. Do not use the hair steamer for salons when your hands are wet, please keep your hands dry to use, otherwise it may cause electric shock.

6. Do not place the home use hair steamer machine in places with water and high humidity such as bathtubs, washbasins or other utensils, otherwise it will cause electric shock or fire to destroy the insulator. Do not place the machine in water, otherwise it may cause electric shock or moderate power supply.

7. Keep away from the place where children can reach, do not let children play, otherwise it will cause injury, electric shock or other injuries.

8. Don't use this machine for other purposes or use it on the baby, otherwise it will cause injury.

9. If you have damaged the machine, do not use it, otherwise it will cause electric shock or fire.

10. Do not use thinner, benzene or other solvents to clean the machine, otherwise it will damage the machine.

11. Please use the power supply provided.

12. Please keep the hair steamer plug dry before plugging in the power source.

13. Do not extend the power cord or add a plug.

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