What should we do if our clothes dryer doesn't work?

Fault 1
Clothes Dryer parts are damaged

Drying part: 1. The heating tube is damaged; 2. The drying single (double) temperature relay is damaged.
Blowing part: 1. The connecting pipe of the heating chamber of the wind chamber is damaged; 2. The blower motor (fan) is damaged.
Condensation part: the connecting pipe is damaged. The treatment method is to replace the parts.

Fault 2
When the power is turned on, the power indicator does not light up, and the whole machine does not work.
First check whether the mains voltage and the power plug are normal. If the FR is fused, find out the cause of the fusing. After troubleshooting, replace it with a 250V, 10A, 130°C over-temperature fuse to eliminate the fault.

Fault 3
The drying time exceeds 3 hours, and the dried clothes are not dried.
Check whether the clothes to be dried are too thick or not dehydrated, followed by whether the cloth cover zipper is open and leaking. After checking the above points are normal, most of the heaters of PTC1 and PTC2 are burned out. Use the resistance method to judge. If the resistance is infinite, then If it is broken, replace it with a new PTC, and the fault will be eliminated.

Fault 4
Sudden shutdown during the drying process (the fault phenomenon is WK action protection)
The main reason is the failure of the air supply circuit. Check whether B, D1~D5, C, and M are damaged. Usually, the brush of M is not rotating due to long-term operation of the brush, causing the air outlet temperature to overheat and WR action. To replace M, the motor in the old fan can also be directly replaced. Another reason is that the blockage of foreign matter in the air inlet and outlet will cause this fault. Remove the foreign matter and the dryer can work normally.

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