What should I do if my insect killer can not work ?

We have received some messages from customers asking us how to replace the insect killer lamp. Here we will arrange a tutorial for you to replace the lamp and test the grid. You can understand it in conjunction with the video.

Concise Home insect killer is designed to attract mosquitoes and flies through the UV lamp tube, when the mosquitoes and flies approach or touch the power grid, they will be stunned or electrocuted.

If you don’t know how to remove the outer grid, please follow the steps below.
1. Make sure that the plug has been unplugged, turn off the power, and operate with dry hands.
2. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the outside of the grid.
3. Remove the grid as demonstrated in the video.

If you find that no mosquitoes and flies are stunned. Please test whether the grid has electricity.
1. Please use dry hands or wear insulated gloves.
2. Please take a screwdriver, hold the handle of the screwdriver, and place the screwdriver on the working grid. If the power grid emits a small spark or noise, then the machine is normal. You can continue to use it. At the same time, it is best to reduce the light source around the mosquito killer so that the light source of the UV lamp can fully attract mosquitoes.
3. If there is no response from the power grid, the power grid of the machine may not work.

If you need to replace the lamp. Proceed as follows:
1. Please make sure to turn off the power and use dry hands for operation.
2. Please use a screwdriver to open the screws on the top of the machine. Remove the grid.
3. Remove the old lamp tube, turn the lamp tube knob to the buckle of the lamp holder, and then you can easily take out the lamp tube. (If you can’t take it out directly, please use a screwdriver to scrape off some glue on both ends of the lamp, which makes it easier to take it off. This glue is to prevent the lamp from being damaged during transportation)
4. Insert the new lamp tube into the lamp holder.

12W=2*6W: single tube length 20cm
20W=2*10W: single tube length 33cm
30W=2*15W: single tube length 44cm
40W=2*20W: single tube length 59cm

If you need to buy the new bulb. Just click here to buy the right bulb.

concise home insect killer lamp

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