What should I do if my clothes won’t dry in the rain? Come in and see!

Rainy days always make people feel annoyed. There is no sun and the clothes are dried for many days without drying. Even if the clothes are dry, they will easily produce peculiar smell. At this time, drying clothes becomes a headache. Is there a way to solve the problem?

1. Hair dryer + plastic bag drying method
tips to dry clothes
Put some small pieces of clothing into a plastic bag, and then put the hair dryer into the bag and hold it tightly. Turn on the hair dryer to blow hot air into it, which can play a role of air circulation. Since the hot air circulates in the bag, the clothes will speed up the drying speed, which plays a role of "drying" the clothes.

2. Refrigerator freezing method
special ways to dryer clothes
Fold the clothes washed and dried in the washing machine, wrap them in a towel or put them in a plastic bag to expel the air, then put them in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, take them out overnight, unfold them, and dry them outside or on the balcony. In this way, the clothes will not absorb the moisture in the air, but will freeze the surrounding air to achieve the effect of drying.

3. Black bag heat absorption method
dry clothes
You can use a black plastic bag (or a clean large black garbage bag) to cut it to a size large enough to cover the clothes, then use a clip to clip it and hang it in a well-ventilated and well-lit place. Because black can absorb heat and ultraviolet rays, it can have a sterilization effect, and there will be no moldy smell, and it can dry faster than natural air drying. It is especially suitable for drying clothes in rainy weather.

4. Three-dimensional clothes drying method on hangers
clothes hanging
Using a three-dimensional hanger, when drying clothes, the front and back bodies will not stick together. The ventilation inside the clothes can greatly shorten the drying time, and the clothes can be dried quickly in rainy days.

5. Air-conditioning dehumidification and drying
air conditioning to dry clothes

Turn on the dehumidification function of the air conditioner and hang the clothes to the air outlet.

6. Use clothes dryer

Prepare a warm air dryer, which is convenient and fast, and can also be used as a wardrobe, and you will never be afraid of not drying your clothes on rainy days.

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