What should I do if my clothes dryer cover is broken?

Concise Home Clothes Dryer is our great tool to dry clothes in cold and wet winter or rainy days, also a simple and economic secret to save our balcony space, making our daily life more convenient and comfortable.

But sometimes we may accidentally scratch the cloth cover of the dryer, that's a terrible news! The drying effect will be greatly reduced with the broken cover, hot air runs out of the clothes dryer easily.

Don't Worry! If you come across this situation, you can just come to our website, buy a new original clothes dryer cover for your machine.

1. Check your clothes dryer model number.

2. Come to Concise Home official online shop: concisehome.co.uk, find Spare Cloth Cover of Concise Home Clothes Dryer For Backup


spare clothes dryer cover


3. Choose the right model of your clothes dryer, spend £8 to take the new cloth cover home.


different clothes dryer


If you still have any other problem, welcome to contact us by leaving message in the online chat or sending email to us: concisehomeappliance@outlook.com

Have a nice day!

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