What should I do if my clothes don’t dry on rainy days?

What should I do if my clothes don’t dry on rainy days? In the continuous rainy days in summer, it is commonplace to leave clothes off. If you are in a hurry to wear them, what should you do if you don’t dry clothes on rainy days? The following editor will teach you 9 ways to dry clothes on rainy days .

What should I do if my clothes don't dry on rainy days?

"Food, clothing, shelter, transportation", clothing is at the forefront. But in front of continuous rainy days, no matter how much clothes are not dried, it is helpless. So what should I do if my clothes don’t dry on a rainy day? In fact, there are ways to dry your clothes quickly. The following editor will introduce you.

1. Put it in the refrigerator

The editor is not talking about washing the clothes and freezing them in the refrigerator, so the clothes will never dry. After washing the clothes, wring the clothes dry, then fold the clothes, wrap the clothes with towels, and put them in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator after completion. After freezing for eight hours, take the clothes out to dry. Get up so that the clothes will dry quickly, and the clothes will not smell.

2. Transform the clothes hanger

Take some iron wire and spiral it around the bottom of the hanger a few times. In fact, it turns the hanger into a three-dimensional shape; then put the washed clothes on the finished hanger so that the clothes will be stretched. The front and back of the clothes will not stick together, and the clothes will be easily dried.

3. Wrap in a dry towel

Wrap a dry towel on the wet clothes, roll up the clothes and dry towels together, and twist them until no water drips, so that the towel will quickly absorb the moisture and prevent the moisture from being twisted out of the clothes from being re-absorbed by the clothes to improve the dehydration effect.

4. Increase the air flow inside the clothes

Increasing the air flow inside the clothes can speed up the drying of the clothes. For example, clip a large quilt cover and blanket into a wave shape to dry, turn the trouser pocket out to dry, and use multiple clips to clamp the waistband to make the trouser tube hollow.

5. Magical black garbage bags

Use a clean large black garbage bag (or use a black cotton cloth because it is more breathable), cut it to a size large enough to cover the clothes, clip it with a clip, and hang it in a light and ventilated place. Black can absorb heat and ultraviolet rays, and has a sterilization function. It will not be damaged. It dries faster than natural drying. It is especially suitable for drying clothes in rainy days.

6. Iron with an iron

Take the clothes that you haven’t dried for a few days. Use an iron to dry the clothes that haven’t dried. Make sure to adjust the temperature of the iron and don’t burn the clothes. After ironing the clothes dry, wait for a while, after the clothes cool down, you can put them on directly.

7. Blow with a fan

If the clothes are about to dry, but not completely dry, use this method if you are in a hurry to wear them. Blow the clothes that are about to dry back and forth with a fan, or turn on the maximum windshield of the fan, and blow for a while in front of the fan. The clothes will soon be completely dry. This method is convenient and quick, and can be used frequently.

8. Blow the bag with a hair dryer

When drying small pieces of clothing with a hair dryer, you can put the clothing in a large black bag, and then use a hair dryer to blow hot air into the bag. Because black can absorb heat more, it can dry the clothes faster. If it is a small piece such as socks, it can be dried on the monitor in use.

9. Use a clothes dryer

Use a clothes dryer to dry clothes, so you don’t need to wait for the sunny day, and you can dry clothes quickly. You only need to hang the clothes in the dryer for 1-3 hours, and you can go out directly without even ironing Hot, convenient, quick, worry-saving and time-saving.

What should I do if there is a peculiar smell after washing clothes on a rainy day?

1. If you want to wash away the smell of sweat on your clothes, you can put a few drops of any kind of shampoo in the water, and then wash the clothes in the water. The effect of removing sweat is particularly good. In addition, shampoo can also remove sweat spots on undershirts. The method is: apply shampoo on the sweat spots, or apply shaving cream and let it stand for five minutes and then wash it off.

2. Add a little salt to the clean water of the clothes, one is to sterilize, and the other is to remove the Chinese flavor.

3. When washing, soak it with detergent and warm water for a while, rinse and drain, and dry it under ventilated sunlight to get rid of the sweaty smell. It is easy to sweat in summer, so it is recommended to change and wash your clothes frequently.

How to prevent mildew on clothes in rainy days?

1. Use desiccant

To prevent mildew on clothes, the key is to wash clothes clean and keep them dry. During the rainy days, the air humidity is high, so clothes should be dried in a ventilated place. You can also put some desiccant in the closet.

2. Check the wardrobe more

In the rainy season, check the closet more. If the clothes have mildew, they should be dealt with in time. Also, try to open the closet and closet doors as little as possible at ordinary times to avoid mildew of the more hygroscopic cotton, linen and other fabrics. Try not to store some high-end clothing in plastic bags, so as not to concentrate moisture and cause mildew.

3. Orange peel, mothballs for dehumidification

If you have dried orange peels at home, wrap them in clean gauze or old socks and put them in the closet to keep them dry, moldy, and insect-proof. In addition, bamboo charcoal bags and mothballs are also good tools for dehumidification and insect control.

4. Use a clothes dryer to keep the clothes dry

In the rainy season, you can put the clothes into the clothes dryer, and turn on the clothes dryer when it is wet to dry the clothes to keep them dry and free of odor. You can even hang sachets in the dryer to keep the clothes dry and fragrant.
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