What Should I Do If I Don’t Buy a Dryer at Home?

Why is it not easy to dry clothes in the winter?

The drying process of clothes is the process in which the water molecules on the clothes evaporate into the air. Therefore, to make clothes dry quickly, two conditions are required.

how to dry clothes high humidity weather

One is "temperature". The higher the temperature, the faster the water molecules on the clothes will evaporate.

The second is "humidity" .The higher the humidity in the air, the more difficult it is for the water molecules on the clothes to escape. This is why the towels in the bathroom always come slower than when they are on the outside clothes rack.

If the temperature and humidity conditions are equal, good ventilation will also speed up the dry and wet air circulation, making the clothes dry faster.

So if you want to be precise, unless it is the rainy season in summer, the humidity in the air is too high, otherwise the clothes in summer will indeed be more efficient than in winter. The most troublesome thing is that it’s time for the cold current and rainy weather.

No matter how long the clothes are left out, they always feel wet to the touch. What should I do if I don’t buy a dryer at home?

Here are 5 ways to dry clothes for your reference. It is very suitable for general household clothes. After all, if clothes are often in a damp state, they are prone to mildew.

If you encounter sheets or heavy clothing, and the weather forecast is rainy days, we still recommend to take the coin-operated drying in the laundromat outside. It usually costs not too much, and it should be dried for 30-40 minutes.

dry clothes indoor

1. Natural ventilation

The drying time is about 24-48hr. As the saying goes, "Natural is the best", if the clothes are not in a hurry, then the "natural ventilation method" that does not plug in and consumes energy is the best.

Find a ventilated room or living room, and hang your clothes with a movable clothes rail. The best location is not against the wall, try to put it in the center of the room, in order to achieve the effect of ventilation on all sides.

When hanging clothes, try to increase the space between them, and use clothespins or laundry balls to open the pockets, collars and other folds, so that the moisture inside can accelerate the evaporation. However, the disadvantage of this trick is that it will increase the indoor humidity, try to use it only on rainy days.

how to dry clothes quickly

2. Electric fan acceleration method

Drying time is about 12-24hr. This trick is an enhanced version of the first trick. If you don’t have a dehumidifier at home and you have to wear your clothes tomorrow, please use an "electric fan"!

Although the use of a fan in winter is not very suitable, it can speed up the air convection to avoid moisture accumulation and improve the efficiency of water evaporation.

The method of use is the same as the first trick. Find a ventilated space at home, then turn on the weak wind, swing the head, and blow the clothes against the drying. Continuous 2-3hrs will have obvious effects.

how to dry clothes quickly

tips to dry clothes in winter

3. Dehumidifier electric heater method

The drying time is about 8-12hr. If you have a dehumidifier at home, put it next to the clothes to dry, and then close all doors and windows. This effect will be more powerful than an electric fan. In winter, people often use electric heaters to bake clothes.

However, it should be noted that only the "blade type" model provides the function of drying clothes on the plane, and a dedicated hanger is required. Other styles of electric heaters must be kept at a certain distance from the drying clothes.

dry shirt quickly in winter

4. Ironing method for shirts

The drying time is about 0.5- 1hr. The shirt that I will wear tomorrow morning, but I had to throw it into the washing machine when I came back in the evening. How can I make it dry faster?

At this time, after the shirt is dehydrated, first shake it smoothly and then put it on the ironing board. Use an iron to iron it again. The high temperature will quickly evaporate the moisture and also make the shirt smooth and stylish. Kill two birds with one stone!

It may still be slightly wet after ironing. Remember to dry it in a well-ventilated place indoors. You should be able to put it on the next morning.

Use dryer to dry clothes in winter

5. Hair dryer for small things in shoes and socks

The drying time is about 0.5-1hr. Although it can blow out high heat and strong wind, which is very suitable for drying clothes, I still don’t recommend using a hair dryer.

First, it consumes a lot of power. Second, it is dangerous if the hot air blows directly to the temperature.

It is more recommended to use it on small things such as footwear, handkerchiefs, ties, scarves, and blow it for about ten minutes with natural air drying. The effect will be more obvious.


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