What’s the benefit for your hair when using hair steamer?

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We often see some hair steamer in the hair salons and barber's shop, also some girls may buy hair steamer back home, there are so many kinds of hair steamer, but do you know what's the benefit of it? let's talk about this topic today. 

1. Sterilization and baking machine can emit ozone, which can effectively remove dandruff, disinfect and relieve itching, remove dirt from hair pores, reduce hair loss and make hair black and bright. Once used, the scalp no longer itches, use more than three times, dandruff significantly reduced. 

2. The hair steamer for promoting hair growth is equipped with anion device, which can produce negative ions. Negative ions will be exposed to fresh air, hair itself contains a large number of positive ions, the surface will produce a lot of dust and static electricity, negative ions can completely neutralize static electricity, promote scalp blood circulation, thus promoting hair growth.


3. Accelerate the absorption of steam from the hair steamer can penetrate deeply into the hair root, soften the oil, residue and dirt accumulated in the pores, promote skin microcirculation, accelerate cell metabolism, improve hair quality, and accelerate the absorption of nutrients. at the same time, a protective layer is formed on the outside of the hair to protect the hair from damage, so that the hair has strong moisturizing and nutrition.

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