What kind of people do mosquitoes bite most?(2)

In life, people often find that some people are particularly prone to attract mosquitoes. There are many rumors about who mosquitoes love to bite. For example, "gender theory", that mosquitoes love to bite women; "skin is good or bad", that mosquitoes love to bite white and tender skin; "sexy", that mosquitoes love to bite people with high levels of sex hormones; "blood is sweet and bitter" , I think that the blood is sweet so it recruits mosquitoes... In fact, the above statements currently lack sufficient scientific evidence to confirm.
What kind of people do mosquitoes bite most?
   However, studies have found that mosquitoes do have a tendency to eat. It turns out that mosquitoes have tentacles and bristles on their heads and legs, which have sensory effects and are sensitive to humidity, temperature, and sweat.

 Actually, who the mosquito bites mainly depends on the human body’s ability to send "signals" to the mosquitoes. Strong "signals" are transmitted through the air and can guide the mosquitoes to quickly find their "prey." However, mosquitoes are very sensitive to strong air currents. In summer, when people shake their fans to cool off, it is often difficult for mosquitoes to get close.
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