What is the difference between a warm air clothes dryer and a traditional clothes dryer?

Both the warm air clothes dryer and the traditional clothes dryer are clothes dryers, but there is a big difference between the warm air clothes dryer and the traditional clothes dryer. Today I will introduce the difference between the warm air clothes dryer and the traditional clothes dryer.

concise home clothes dryer

Traditional clothes dryers are generally of drum type and cabinet type; most of them are drum type, and a tumble clothes dryer is generally composed of a box, a drum system, a hot air system, a transmission and a control system. After the air is heated by the heat exchanger, the rotating inner cylinder continuously flips the dried object for heat exchange, so that the moisture contained in the fabric is heated and vaporized and discharged out of the machine, so as to achieve the purpose of drying the clothes in a short time.

warm air dryer

The warm air clothes dryer uses the PTC heating element to generate heat energy, and the DC fan controlled by the microcomputer smart chip sends the heat energy into the drying hood. effect of small household appliances. It has the following characteristics:

1. Quick drying, the standard drying process only takes 60 minutes, which is more than half of the time compared to traditional clothes dryers.

2. Static drying, the drying process prevents the clothes from rubbing against each other and causing them to be folded and damaged.

3. Eliminate secondary pollution, isolate clothing from the outside world, and prevent the invasion of dust and insects

4. The new heating technology adopts the PTC heating element to generate heat, with automatic constant temperature, which can work continuously for more than 600 hours; over-temperature double dry-burning protection is absolutely safe.

5. Efficient sterilization: when the clothes dryer is working normally, the internal temperature can reach up to 70 degrees, and 99.3% of bacteria can be sterilized

6. One machine is multi-purpose, light and convenient: it integrates a heater, a clothes dryer and a wardrobe. Small size, large capacity (up to 10KG at a time), easy to load and unload, convenient for business and travel.

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