What is the best way to kill mosquitoes?

It is March again, the temperature rises slowly, warm weather is not far away from us, so as the mosquitoes.

So what should we prepare to avoid the mosquitoes?

1. Mosquito lamp

Mosquito killing lamp mainly uses the sensitivity of mosquitoes to special wavelengths, attracts mosquitoes through photocatalytic carbon dioxide, and uses the peripheral high-voltage power grid to instantly kill mosquitoes. It is smokeless, tasteless and low energy consumption. It is the most environmentally friendly mosquito killing tool. Generally speaking, mosquito killer lamps with more than 8 watts or double lamps have the best effect.

When using the mosquito killer lamp, it is best to turn off other indoor light sources; hang it at a height of about 1 meter from the ground, which is the range where mosquitoes often move; The best; you can also add some water and vinegar to the insect collection box of the mosquito killer to use the characteristics of mosquitoes that like acidic substances to achieve the best mosquito trapping effect.

2. Electric mosquito swatter

mosquito swatter

Because it can kill mosquitoes while exercising, it is hailed as the most "entertainment" mosquito-killing tool. Experts believe that the mosquito killing principle of the electric mosquito swatter is similar to that of the mosquito killing lamp, but because it is a live device, it is best to place it out of the reach of children to avoid accidental injury.

3. Mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent paste

mosquito repellent

Compared with the previous ones, applying mosquito repellent liquid or sticking mosquito repellent stickers on clothing is a "good recipe" for self-protection in a small area, and it is more suitable for use when going out for outings or walking.

The main ingredient of mosquito repellent is DEET or citronellal. When applied to the skin, the agent will evaporate with body temperature and form a protective film, so that mosquitoes do not dare to approach. It should be noted that when using, it is best to apply a layer of skin cream first, and then apply mosquito repellent to avoid skin allergies; do not spray directly on wounds or skin with rashes; it is best not to use it for infants and young children. In general, mosquito nets or long clothes and trousers are the best protection.

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