What is hair steamer? how do we use hair steamer?

Hair steamer is a kind of hairdressing tool, divided into ceiling hair steamer and vertical hair steamer. The salon hair steamer machine heats water through a stainless steel heating tube to generate water vapor, which evenly emits hot steam through the oil hood, heats the hair, expands the surface of the hair, accelerates the blood circulation of the hair roots, and allows the nutrients in the ointment to penetrate to the roots of the hair, it has the effect of repairing damaged hair.

The main function of the hair steamer equipment is to release steam to heat the hair that has been applied with the ointment, making it easier for the hair to fully absorb the nutrients of the ointment, completing the oiling process, and making your hair darker, plump and smoother. The ordinary function of standing professional hair steamer is an oven with ozone sterilization effect, which makes the steamer sterilize the oil, which is called an ozone heating hair steamer.

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