What can we use IR heating lamp for?

1. This infrared lamp is developed based on the positive effects of biological spectrum on the human body, and has functions such as body beautification, slimming, and spectral physiotherapy.

Various effects of the human body after irradiation can expand the capillaries, accelerate the exchange of electrolytes and body fluids, burn fat under the skin, increase the activity of normal reaction enzymes in the tissues, stimulate the vitality of cell functions, and strengthen biochemical effects.

Physical fitness, slimming, spectral physiotherapy

After the skin absorbs heat, the pores Expansion promotes perspiration, can excrete a large amount of water, fat, and toxins from the body, so as to achieve the effects of weight loss, physical therapy, disease removal, and health care. It can also be used for the treatment or auxiliary treatment of various diseases, and is also suitable for personal and family health care.


2. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

The thermal effect of infrared reduces the excitability of the nerve endings; the improvement of blood circulation, the reduction of edema, reduces the chemical and mechanical stimulation of the nerve endings, and the thermal effect of infrared plays a role in relieving pain.

Anti-inflammation and analgesia

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