Tips for killing mosquitoes

tips to keep mosquitoes away from you

1. Smell mosquito repellent: mosquitoes hate some special smells. If you bathe with star anise or fennel, or soak in a washbasin with warm water to evaporate, the mosquitoes will stay far away; burning some tea and mugwort leaves can repel mosquitoes. Put a few boxes of uncovered cooling oil or wind oil in the bedroom to prevent mosquitoes from entering the bedroom. It can also be used to relieve itching if it is bitten by a mosquito.

2. Light repellent: mosquitoes also hate some orange light, so installing orange light bulbs indoors will also have a good mosquito repellent effect.

3. Strategic mosquito repellent: You can also make your own insecticide at home. First find out the empty basin or bottle at home, add some sugar water, mix soapy water and laundry detergent, and place it in a place where mosquitoes frequent it. When mosquitoes smell the sugar, they will be lured to the past, stuck or drowned. .

4. Drug repellent: Vitamin B2 can prevent mosquito bites. You can eat some foods containing vitamin B2 at ordinary times. You can also crush vitamin B2 tablets into a surface and apply medical alcohol to the exposed parts. It can relieve itching and prevent it.

5. Plant mosquito repellent: planting mosquito repellent plants is also a good choice. Night balsam tree, native to tropical America, has heart-shaped leaves and pilose edges. Its fragrant fragrance will make mosquitoes scared and is a good product for mosquito repellent.

In addition, it may also be because the home is too humid to cause mosquitoes to breed. In this case, it is necessary to keep ventilated and dry, observe whether the surrounding environment has peculiar smells, clean up the garbage in time, and sprinkle some lime powder or baking soda on the corners to help eliminate the mosquito eggs.

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