The Working Principle of Ozone Air Purifier

Ozone generator is an equipment device used to produce ozone. Ozone is easy to decompose and cannot be stored. It needs to be prepared on-site and used on-site (but in special circumstances it can be stored for a short time). Ozone generators are required for all places where ozone can be used. Ozone generators are widely used in tap water, sewage, industrial oxidation, space sterilization and other fields.

Ozone is recognized as a broad-spectrum and highly effective disinfectant in the world. Use air or oxygen as raw materials to generate ozone using high frequency and high voltage discharge. Ozone has one more lively oxygen atom than oxygen molecules, and its chemical properties are particularly active. It is a strong oxidant and can quickly kill bacteria in the air at a certain concentration. There are no toxic residues and no secondary pollution. It is known as the "cleanest oxidant and disinfectant".
The chemical equation of ozone generated by high-voltage discharge is 3O2====2O3
The principle of ozone deodorization is the principle of oxidative decomposition, which is the same as the principle of ozone disinfection. By combining oxygen atoms (O-) with odor and releasing oxygen (O2);

In addition to removing odors, it can also improve the purity of oxygen molecules (O2) in the air. It is not to mask the smell with the unique smell of ozone, but to decompose the source of the smell. Ozone reacts with odorous organic compounds to form new products that do not produce odors.
Ozone can destroy the cell walls of decomposing bacteria and rapidly diffuse into the cells to oxidize and decompose glucose oxidase, which is essential for oxidizing the glucose inside the bacteria. It can also directly interact with bacteria and viruses to destroy cells and ribonucleic acid ( RNA), decomposes deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), RNA, protein, lipid, polysaccharide and other macromolecular polymers, and disrupts the metabolism and reproduction process of bacteria. Ozone kills bacteria caused by the rupture of cell membranes. This process is called battery drain. It is caused by the crushing of cytoplasm in the water. Under dissipative conditions, cells cannot regenerate.

It should be noted that, unlike hypochlorous acid disinfectants, the sterilization ability of ozone is not affected by changes in pH and ammonia, and its sterilization ability is 600-3000 times that of chlorine. Its sterilization and disinfection effect occurs almost instantaneously. When the ozone concentration in the water reaches 0.3-2mg/L, the bacteria can be killed within 0.5-1min. The dosage of ozone water medicine needed to achieve the same sterilization effect is only 0.0048% of chlorine. Common Escherichia coli, fecal Streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, mold, etc., can kill 99.999% within 15 minutes under ozone environment.
Household ozone generator, mainly refers to the general term for the application of ozone generation technology and instruments in family life.

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