Simple and efficient methods of repelling mosquitoes

simple and natural ways to keep mosquitoes away

In summer, it is hot and there are many mosquitoes. Let me introduce several safe, simple and effective natural methods to repel mosquitoes.
The smells that mosquitoes do not like are orange peel, mint, fennel, clove, lavender, eucalyptus, citronella, eucalyptus, geranium, basil, thyme, etc. Before dusk, place one or two pots of blooming jasmine, mint, Milan or rose indoors, preferably night lavender, which has a good mosquito repellent effect. We can also dry the orange peels and orange peels and wrap them in stockings and put them in the corners. The smell they emit is not only to prevent mosquitoes but also to freshen the air.
Raw garlic or oral B vitamins will be excreted from sweat after the body's physiological metabolism, which will produce an odor that mosquitoes dare not approach. Edible garlic not only sterilizes health care, but also repels mosquitoes
Buying some moxa or moxa sticks at a Chinese pharmacy, and drying the leftover tea leaves at home and lighting them indoors can repel mosquitoes.

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