[Regret Not Buying Early] Dozens of Pounds Free My Balcony and Comfort My Life

Friends who pay attention to home appliances must often see all kinds of home appliances such as "you buy it and regret it". Of course, you don't really regret buying it, but sometimes regret that you didn't buy it early.

From dishwashers, kitchen waste disposers to sweeping robots and clothes dryers, all are artifacts that improve the quality of life and free us from heavy housework.

As I entered the stage of raising a baby, I also bought a lot of products to improve the quality of life under the pressure of heavy housework. At present, I already have a kitchen waste disposer and a robot cleaner, and a happy life has just started.

But the problem is only half solved, and there are still troublesome laundry drying problems.

I am currently a dad and spend a lot of time with a baby at home. When it comes to laundry, my mother and I are so uncomfortable that we often start quarreling about who is doing laundry. Of course, it’s me who often loses.

There are 5 people in the family, grandparents, moms, dads, and babies, and grandparents occasionally come to see the baby. Among them, the baby is considered to be a big consumer with drying needs. I thought that some changes would be reduced after one year old, but raising a baby will always be more troublesome than expected. It is true that just washing and drying will cause people to collapse.

Laundry is sometimes as many as 3-5 times a day depending on the baby's playing situation. In the summer, it’s even worse... Change a suit for him when he sleeps and sweats at night, get up early and go out to walk the baby and change a suit, and change a suit when it is dirty for lunch at noon. In the afternoon...

In addition to accidents such as spilling vegetable soup and milk on the body and falling into the mud, one day there was a situation where 6 sets of clothes were not enough, so I hurried to use a hair dryer to help.

This is the amount of household laundry I recently recorded for a day. A total of 24 hangers in two rows are barely enough for drying clothes. The small balcony itself has been completely "occupied" and cannot be used as a leisure area.

In fact, in addition to clothes, there are plush toys, bed sheets, quilts, bath towels and towels...Washing and drying is not an easy task for anyone. It takes more than two hours at random, plus the need to bring Baby, it can be said to be annoying.

As long as the child has touched it, mold will grow if it is not washed for two days.

The baby's gameplay is always very special, in addition to the sense of touch, it also needs to explore the sense of taste. Yes... It's such a provocative look, I got even more energized once I stopped her.

Then the weather gave another fatal blow...

And now the humid and cold rainy days are also very annoying. In the morning, I saw the big sun and immediately washed the sheets, and there was a heavy rain baptism at noon. It was too late to collect the clothes. This must be smelly...

I was a man who looked at the sky and wanted to cry...It was not because of the rain, but because of the thunderstorm and strong convection before the baby. I always carried my camera and ran to the top of the building to take pictures of clouds and lightning...and now …Too hard...Housework and bringing the baby take up all my life time.

This is also a reason when I decided to buy a clothes dryer. I never want to dry clothes/quilt covers/sheets according to the weather in this life.

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