Main applications of ozone generator in our daily life

Formaldehyde treatment after home decoration; deodorization, bleaching, and decolorization of family toilets; elimination of odors from cabinets, refrigerators, oil fume and garbage; decomposition of toluene, ethanol, sulfur oxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other toxic gases; deodorization of wardrobes and shoe cabinets, Ozone sterilization is commonly used in sneakers and socks, which can prevent the infection of Hong Kong feet and eliminate odors; remove the smell of tobacco, alcohol, decoration, and carpet; remove pesticide residues from vegetables and fruits. The water treated by the ozone generator can be used for ozone bathing.

Mainly used in collective canteens such as families, enterprises, institutions, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, garnish centers, hotels, hotels, fast food restaurants, hospitals, etc.

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