It will be cold and rainy for a whole next week in London

it will be cold and rainy


It’s almost October, and the weather in the UK will gradually get colder again. In the next week, London will continue to rain, and the temperature will basically remain at about 8~16°C.


The continuous rainy weather always reminds me of clothes that is difficult to dry.On rainy days, my clothes cannot be left to dry outdoors. The air humidity is too high and the temperature is relatively low. My clothes are always wet.This makes me need to buy more clothes to maintain my daily dressing needs.But this is not a good way at all, it costs me too much money to buy new clothes, and wet clothes takes too much space in my room.

clothes dryer lines


Maybe I need to find some new ways to deal with my wet clothes in these troublesome rainy days.I wish I can buy one great tool to dry my clothes easily in short time, and put them in my wardrobe soon, so that I can save a lot of money spent on new clothes and save large space in my room.


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concise home clothes dryer

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