Is the home clothes dryer being too much sought after? ? ?

of course not !

Let me elaborate below.

In the past two years, with the improvement of young people's requirements for the quality of life, the penetration rate of clothes dryers in the country has increased rapidly, but so far the penetration rate of domestic clothes dryers is far less than 20%.

Then why use a clothes dryer?

Let me talk about the weather first. Northern China corresponds to haze weather; Eastern China corresponds to rainy weather; Southern China corresponds to humid weather; and the haze weather in the north means that people cannot be seen clearly from five meters away, let alone the sun;

Huang Meitian in East China is really affected by me! enough! Up! There are damp and damp tides everywhere, and clothes that are naturally dried in the shade always have an unspeakable smell; and the humid weather in southern China means that it is difficult for you to have the opportunity to wear comfortable clothes that are dry and loose.

Therefore, whether or not a dryer is needed, the region and climate have already been determined for you.

Not to mention, for many young people, what the hell is hanging clothes on the balcony? How can I do such an uneconomical scandal! Besides, is it really not bad for the balcony with tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands to hang clothes on it?

There may be friends who want to question the sterilization ability of the dryer.

After all, my mother said: clothes can be disinfected only when they are dried in the sun.

Mom, you are right, but you listen to my explanation.
The biggest advantage of clothes that are dried naturally in the sun is UV sterilization, and most bacteria can be eliminated in the sun. Of course, while sterilizing, we cannot rule out the presence of dust and haze. Most clothes dryers have the option or function of sterilizing and removing mites. At present, the mainstream sterilization drying in the market is divided into two modes: one is ultraviolet sterilization. One is high temperature sterilization.

In addition, dried clothes also have advantages over sun-dried.
The dried clothes are soft and fluffy with the fragrance of laundry detergent. After washing the clothes in winter, you can put on warm and soft clothes directly in two hours.

Summarize the advantages of clothes dryers:

1. It dries quickly, disinfects and removes odors, and saves time and space for hanging clothes. It is especially suitable for modern apartments without balconies.
2. In the north where the haze is severe, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai where the rainy season is humid, and southern China where there are returning to the south, families with many children are all suitable for buying clothes dryers.
3. Remove the debris and hair on the clothes.

But of course there are still disadvantages:

1. Some clothes may shrink, especially clothes that have not been pre-shrunk before leaving the factory. Even clothes that have undergone pre-shrinking treatment may still shrink if the drying temperature exceeds 65°C.
2. Power consumption.
3. The production of noise.

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