Is it safe to use an ozone generator? Is it harmful to the human body?

Ozone is a trace gas and a globally recognized green, broad-spectrum and efficient disinfectant. It is now mostly used in disinfection cabinets, fruit and vegetable detoxification machines, gynecological treatment equipment, food processing, drinking water filling and disinfection equipment, etc. Under normal temperature and pressure, the stability of ozone is extremely poor, and it is strongly irritating. According to regulations, the safe concentration of ozone that people are allowed to be exposed to is not more than 0.2mg/m⊃3; inhalation of overdose does have certain harm to human health, so people’s concerns are reasonable.

Home-use ozone generators are like computers that generate radiation, and many household appliances will produce something harmful to the human body during use. The same is true for ozone machines. High concentrations of ozone can harm the human body, but the amount of ozone produced by a household ozone machine is far from harming the human body. As long as it is used correctly, there will be no harm.

However, Mr. Wang Shiwen, director of the Ozone Professional Committee of the China Federation of Industrial Economics and a professor at Tsinghua University, said: There is a prerequisite for ozone to be toxic, that is, when the ozone concentration is very high, long-term inhalation of high concentrations of ozone will affect the respiratory mucosa. Irritate. "According to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, exposure to 0.15 ppm for 8 hours will not have any impact or damage to the human body. Generally, the ozone output of qualified household ozone generators is small, the concentration is very low, and it is impossible to exceed the standard in a large range The human sense of smell is extremely sensitive to ozone. When the ozone concentration reaches 0.02ppm, people can smell its peculiar fishy smell, but this concentration is still far from the national safety standard. As long as the concentration of household ozone does not exceed the standard, You can use it with confidence."

But the choice of ozone products also needs to be cautious, as far as possible to choose Senpeptidyl ozone generator. Because according to the official website of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision issued an early warning of the quality and safety of ozone generators, most ozone generators produce poor ozone purity. At present, most ozone generators on the market use glass or stainless steel as a dielectric to generate ozone. Glass is easy to break, and stainless steel is not resistant to high temperatures. At the same time, nitrides and other derivatives may precipitate during use, which seriously endangers human health. The Senpeptide-based ozone generator uses the invention patented nano-ceramics as the dielectric body, which can produce high-purity ozone. In addition, nano-ceramics are resistant to high temperatures and are not easily damaged, and their theoretical life span can reach 100,000 hours. And because the multifunctional type of Senpeptide-based anion generator has both anion system and ozone system, it has become the greenest and most energy-efficient method for purifying indoor formaldehyde and other decoration pollution.

One more thing to remind is that the ozone machine must be turned on after leaving the room. The Senpeptide Ozone Generator is equipped with a timing system, which is turned on after leaving the room and turned off 30-40 minutes before returning home. During this time period, the ozone will automatically be reduced to oxygen without any chemical residues, which is safe and safe. effective.
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