How to maintain clothes better in our daily life?

For people who care about clothes, the maintenance of clothes is very important, so how to maintain clothes better? Let's get to know it together, and hope that useful experience can help you.

1. First of all, we know that white shirts are easy to turn yellow after being worn and washed many times. If they are often washed with rice water, they will not turn yellow easily. After the clothes are washed, they are rinsed with blue ink to prevent white clothes. Yellowing is also very effective.

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2. If you wear a sweater for a long time, it will become too large and unfit. If you want to restore it to its original shape, you can soak the sweater in hot water at about 40 degrees. Be careful not to overheat the water to prevent the sweater from shrinking too small.

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3. If you want to remove the creases on your clothes or the light that appears after ironing, you can put a small amount of vinegar on it, or wipe it off with a towel dipped in vinegar.

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4. We know that down jackets will become hardened after washing. If you pour some conditioner in the water of the last rinse, knead it for a few minutes and dehydrate it, the clothes will be very soft after drying.

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5. When the cotton clothing turns yellow, you can sprinkle some salt immediately, then rub it, expose the cotton clothing to the sun for a while, and then wash it with clean water. The scorch will be reduced until it disappears completely.

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6. The wrinkles of leather garments can be ironed with an iron, but the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees. When ironing, use a thin cotton cloth as a cushion and move the iron constantly to make the leather surface smooth and bright.

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