How to keep flies and mosquitoes away in our daily life in summer?

With the arrival of summer, the temperature is gradually rising, mosquitoes and flies are more and more, most people are deeply bothered by it, so what should we do to drive mosquitoes away and keep flies away?

The ways to kill flies are:

1. Prevention and control of flies in restaurant -kitchen-garbage collection and transportation The accumulated kitchen garbage contains rich nutrients and sufficient water, which provides good environmental conditions for the growth of flies. Therefore, fly killing should be carried out at the source. In restaurants, trash cans should be sealed with LIDS so that garbage is cleaned every day, so that flies do not have an opportunity to lay eggs. Kitchen garbage trucks should be cleaned in time and disinfected regularly.

2. Prevention and control of flies in the process of restaurant -kitchen garbage disposal Temperature and moisture have great influence on fly growth. Therefore, in the process of restaurant -kitchen waste treatment, cooking the restaurant -kitchen waste at a temperature of 45-50℃ can not only facilitate the softening of the restaurant -kitchen waste, but also cause the death of fly eggs, but also do not cause the denaturation of protein in the restaurant -kitchen waste. At the same time, the water content of the restaurant -kitchen waste can be controlled below 40%, which can effectively control the breeding of flies.

3. Environmental prevention and control Do a good job in cleaning and sanitation of restaurant -kitchen-garbage processing enterprises and disinfect them regularly; Proper disposal and removal of residual refuse; Check the equipment and feeding system regularly to ensure that there is no water leakage and no sprinkling; Windows of the workshop are installed with screen nets to prevent foreign flies from flying in; Do a good job in vegetation restoration, and at the same time, plant some fly killing plants, bamboo, effectively reduce the activity of flies, inhibit the survival of flies.


The methods of repellent mosquitoes are:

1. Reduce the "smell" of the body, take a bath regularly, keep the skin fresh and wipe off sweat in time, all of which can reduce the attraction of mosquitoes.

2, summer to use less perfume, skin care dew and other cosmetics.

3. When going out, try to wear light-colored clothes and wear socks, which can reduce human mosquito contact and avoid biting.

4, timely change the water in the vase and aquatic plants, thoroughly clean the air conditioning tray, flower basin bottom dish water, check the bathroom and kitchen floor drain, keep the room dry without water, prevent mosquitoes.

At last,the most effective way is to use electric mosquito and fly killer to attract and kill them thoroughly.

What's more, most mosquito attractors include:

1. People who sweat more and have a fast metabolism. Because sweat contains a lot of amino acids, lactic acid and ammonia compounds, mosquitoes are very sensitive to these substances, once they smell the smell of these substances will be attracted to.

2. Pregnant women and children are also targets. The baby body has a strong smell of milk, mosquitoes will bite because of the smell of milk, and the baby has no defense, it is easy to become the object of mosquito attack. Pregnant women are also more attractive to mosquitoes than the average person. Because pregnant women in the late pregnancy expiratory volume will increase, and pregnant women's abdominal temperature will rise, so easy to be harassed by mosquitoes.

3. Mosquitoes tend to be dark, and people with dark clothes and skin tone are more likely to be bitten.

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