How to encircle the mosquito's nest?

According to experts, the best and most thorough method to prevent mosquitoes is environmental treatment to remove mosquito breeding grounds, followed by safer physical methods such as mosquito nets, mosquito swatters, and mosquito traps; finally, mosquito coils and aerosols should be considered. , Repellent and other chemical methods.

If you want to surround the mosquito’s nest, you can do this:

1. To clean up the breeding ground. Turn pots and pots, discard idle pots and pots at home, turn them upside down to avoid accumulation of water; remove the accumulated water in various types of water containers such as flower pot trays and discarded containers in front of and behind the building. Change water every week; especially small water accumulation in the environment such as basements, sewers, air-raid shelters, carports, residential corridors, and various pipeline rooms; clean up temporary water accumulation in parks, construction sites, auto repair shops, waste collection stations and other places; Strengthen the dredging and cleaning of mosquito breeding grounds in rivers, lakes, ponds, ditches and other places.

2.The control of mosquito larvae. Including lakes, ponds, landscape water bodies, large basins, etc., fish can be used to kill mosquitoes; various municipal pipe wells, pile holes, underground civil air defense projects and other water bodies that cannot be removed can be used to kill mosquito larvae.

3. the prevention and control of adult mosquitoes. Including the improvement of indoor environment mosquito prevention facilities such as screen doors, screen windows, etc. in residential homes, units, and offices. When mosquito density is high or mosquito-borne diseases occur, chemical control methods can be used to kill adult mosquitoes.
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