How to dry clothes in cold winter?

How to dryer clothes in winter

Winter is a season that many people don't like very much, and it's also a season when many people don't want to wash clothes. Washed clothes are not easy to dry. So how is it better to dry clothes? Don't worry, share the full experience~~

After washing the clothes, try to dry them in the washing machine before drying them. The temperature is low in winter to avoid freezing with too much moisture, which can also freeze clothes.

Dry clothes outdoors in a well-ventilated environment. The indoor air circulation is slow, and the moisture on the clothes will be released more slowly.

In winter, the ultraviolet rays are weak. Drying winter clothes in the sun can dry fast and have a sterilizing effect. But in winter down jackets should avoid direct sunlight and need to be dried in the shade.

You can wring or mix some highly absorbent clothes with dry towels and dry them together in the washing machine. The towel can absorb the moisture in the clothes very well, and it will dry faster when it is dried.

Special quick-drying method for small clothes. In the rainy season in winter, some small clothes are more difficult to dry. You can put them in a plastic bag, put the blower of the hair dryer into the bag, hold it tightly, and circulate the hot air in the bag. It feels that it will be quick.

If there is heating at home, it can be placed close to the heating. Increase the temperature to accelerate the evaporation of water, and then take it outside to ventilate the clothes, and the clothes will dry quickly.

With so many ways, there is no need to worry about clothes drying out~

At last, the simplest way, clothes dryer of course! You know how convenient and warm is the clothes dryer. We just need to hang our clothes in the clothes dryer, and wait for 1-3 hours, easy!

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