How to choose the right UV light insect killer?

1. Power: It is usually classified mainly by power and the number of tubes, which is a common shape of a typical electronic mosquito killer. Classified by power, mosquito killers mainly have 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20W and other specifications. Among them, most households use 2~8W mosquito killers, and the corresponding room area is about 10~20. Square meters.

2. Number of tubes: UV tubes are usually divided into single tube and double tube types. There are also products with more than 2 tubes, but they are rare in the market. Most families use single-tube mosquito killers; double-tube mosquito killers are suitable for restaurants, hotels, offices, and large living rooms in families. The electric power of the double-tube mosquito killer is more than 6W.

3. Type: Choosing according to the type is the basis for purchasing mosquito killers. The mosquito killers currently sold can be divided into two types: electronic mosquito killers and airflow mosquito killers. Among them, the electronic mosquito killer belongs to the early generation of products. Its principle makes use of the phototaxis of mosquitoes to attract mosquitoes and cause them to be electrocuted. However, in actual use, the efficiency is not high, and it is large in size and emits the burning smell of mosquitoes; At present, the more advanced mosquito killers all use airflow suction mode mosquito killers, the principle of which is to attract mosquitoes through the airflow of a fan, thereby causing them to die. The advantage is that the mosquito-killing efficiency is better in use, and the volume is smaller. No smell, very suitable for family use.

4. Material: The quality of the material of the mosquito killer affects the safety and durability of the product. At present, the good quality mosquito killer on the market is generally made of high-quality brand-new AB materials. Its advantage is that it has antibacterial and flame retardant effects, and The product has a high density, high hardness, and is very durable; while cheap mosquito killers often use secondary recycled waste plastic as the material, the product has a strong smell, is easy to break, and is more likely to release harmful substances under the irradiation of the lamp;

5. Mosquito suction fan: Some mosquito killing lamps are also equipped with a mosquito suction fan. When mosquitoes are close to the mosquito killer, they will be sucked into the mosquito killer by the airflow, thereby improving the mosquito killer effect to a certain extent. However, the price of this kind of mosquito killer is usually much higher than that of ordinary mosquito killer. It is only suitable for users with higher requirements or special needs (such as more mobile mosquito sucking, etc.). Generally, households are less used, and the current social ownership not much.
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