How to choose a suitable ozone generator?

In recent years, the effect of household ozone generators used in air and drinking water, clothing disinfection, purification and degradation of pesticides and biochemical hormones in fruits and vegetables, meat has been generally accepted by consumers, and the hot sale of "domestic ozone generators" has begun in some cities. Rise, the development momentum is swift and violent. At the same time, some counterfeit and inferior products also occupy part of the market. How to buy good products has brought a lot of inconvenience to consumers.
The "ozone generator" is a new type of home appliance. Most consumers have no knowledge of its performance indicators and some technical common sense. Although the overall structure of the ozone generator is not complicated, it can be described as a small "chemical factory". The core technology of the product is O3. The use of any chemical substance has a problem of concentration, purity and quantification, and process control. For example, "If you take too much medicine, you have side effects, but if you take less, you can't achieve the effect. Oxygen is necessary for human survival, but people cannot survive for a long time in a pure oxygen environment." These principles are the same, and everything has. Duality. The concentration, purity and quantitative control of ozone are related to the application effect and safe use. Moreover, the scope of application of this product is a lot of demand links for people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. In a sense, this kind of home appliance should be purchased with caution. In the face of a complex consumption environment, how can people buy a reliable ozone generator, and how can they identify and choose?

1. First of all, we must choose products produced by formal and legal manufacturing companies.
The ozone machine is classified as a disinfection device in my country. The production of such products has a strict production license system. It is necessary to obtain a license to eliminate the word before it can be produced. Such products without a production license are not allowed to be produced. Sales are not allowed. Generally, for products with a license, the license batch number should be printed on the product packaging or the obvious position of the shell. The fake and inferior products without formal license indicate that they have not passed the inspection and certification of relevant national departments, and their technical indicators are not necessarily true and credible, and the quality of their products and service guarantees are even more difficult to talk about. So be sure to buy products that are made by regular and legal manufacturers and have brand reputation.

2. To understand the technical characteristics and performance of the product.
Household ozone generators are divided into single function ("air machine", "water machine") and multi-function. Single-function means that the concentration is fixed and can only be used in a certain fixed range. Multi-function means that the concentration is available. It can be used in many different occasions. The main structure of a general household ozone generator is composed of four parts. The timer is an indispensable component. Some use electronic timing, some use mechanical timing, and the simple electronic timing of the time base circuit has relatively simple timing accuracy and reliability. difference. The electronic timing of the clock circuit has high accuracy, but the failure rate is also high, the life is short, and the operation is more troublesome.
In addition, it is necessary to understand the ozone output, outlet concentration, exhaust pressure, noise and other indicators of the household ozone machine. Ozone production or export concentration is an important indicator. It must be used for water and water media to treat fish, meat, seafood and other sterilization and detoxification at a high concentration, namely 1ppm or 2mg/L (the density of ozone in the standard state is 2.143g/L ) Left and right are better. This is an outlet concentration. If the gas is directly discharged to the air at this time, the ozone at the outlet concentration will quickly diffuse to the entire space due to the low ozone gas partial pressure in the air. The exhaust volume of a general household ozone machine is 5 liters/min. Below, the total amount of gas is 1M3 in 200 minutes of operation. If we define it in a 1M3 space, then within 200 minutes, the self-decay of ozone will attenuate the total amount of ozone in this space by 50-60%, which means that the space concentration is greatly reduced. Every household condition cannot be 1M3 and it is sealed.
In addition, this concentration requirement is to use water as the medium, a large amount of ozone is dissolved in the water, and the overflow amount is even lower. According to the actual test in the sealed space under the 2M3 standard state, the test with the above-mentioned outlet concentration and exhaust volume of the household ozone machine shows that the concentration is always lower than 0.3mg/M3, that is to say, this concentration is also within the national allowable range.
A large number of experiments have proved that the exhaust volume is 3.3 liters/min, and the gas production volume is 400 mg/hour. For the purification of fruits and vegetables and air, it is advisable to use a low concentration, namely 0.1ppm or 0.2mg/L, because the fibrous tissue of the epidermis of fruits and vegetables is relatively fine, the respiratory metabolism rate is slow, and the exchange and diffusion efficiency with ozone in the water medium is slow. So high concentration is meaningless. If the concentration is too high (the contact time is more than 1 minute at 50ppm), it will cause harm to the human body. If the concentration is too low, the treatment effect cannot be achieved. The state stipulates that the maximum allowable concentration (MAC) in the environmental space (without defining the contact time) is 0.3mg/M3, which is absolutely safe. In addition, the exhaust pressure (0.01Mpa) is appropriate, too high is not good, because the pressure is too high when the water medium is used to process food. For household ozone machines, there is no special jet mixer and no mixing tower, which will cause O3 gas. The water overflowed before it had time to dissolve, causing unnecessary waste. Of course, the lower the noise, the better.

3. Understand whether the product is equipped with a dedicated purification box and functional accessories.
Because the product parameter calibration and quantitative control design are determined under the conditions of a certain reaction space and medium quantity, it is unscientific or imperfect without a dedicated non-toxic clean box. For the gas head (air zeolite) with large surface area and high temperature sintering, it is better, while the colloidal solidification is the second. For multi-functional products, more than two sets of spare parts are required to adapt to different applications.

4. To understand the content of after-sales service and warranty.
In short, the performance of household ozone generators varies greatly, with good and bad. Some ozone generators produced by small workshops do not have any calibration and testing methods. The polarized materials and process structure of the generator are designed unreasonably and crudely, which makes the generator produce ozone at the same time. It also produces a large amount of nitrogen oxides, which not only fails to have the proper disinfection effect, but also pollutes the air and causes harm to humans.

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