How should we maintain clothes of different materials?

clothes maintain

1. Maintenance of cotton and linen clothing.

This kind of clothing must be protected from moisture and mildew. Wash and dry before collection. Divided into dark and light colors for collection, avoiding mutual dyeing.

Clothes that you don’t wear often must be exposed to mildew in summer. The life span of clothes will be shortened, and the skin will be uncomfortable the next time you wear it.

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2. Maintenance of silk clothing.

The key point of silk is also to prevent moisture. It is more delicate than girls. When washing, be gentle, squeeze less, don't wring. Don't leave it in the hot sun when it's drying.

When storing it, wrap it in a cloth and place it in a dry and clean cabinet. It is not suitable to be hung and concealed, as it will deform due to its own weight. careful! Oh, don’t put camphor in white and light-colored collections, and don’t put it in a camphor wooden box, it will turn yellow.

Woolen Clothes Dryer

3. Maintenance of woolen clothes.

Washing garments should be washed before collection, preferably dry cleaning, ironing, and drying (must be fully dried) before putting them away. Store in a ventilated, cool and dry place.

High-grade woolen cloth is best hung in the closet to avoid deformation due to its own weight. Put mothballs in the wardrobe and pockets of clothes to prevent insects when storing.

How to Dry Fur Clothes

4. Maintenance of fur clothing.

When wearing fur clothing, try to avoid stains and rain. That will shed hair on the clothes, so be careful. That way it can be...hehehehe. It is best to hang it with a wide hanger such as "beauty shoulder" when storing it.

Put mothballs wrapped in paper in your coat pocket, remember to wrap them in paper. Take it out in Futian to prevent insects and mildew. If it is placed in a box, lay the Mao face inward. And put it on the top of the box.

leather clothes care and protection

5. Maintenance of leather garments.

Leather etc. should not be worn on rainy or snowy days. The drying time should generally be 9-10 am and 3-4 pm. Do not expose to the sun, otherwise the leather will age.

The collection is suitable for hanging. And add mothballs wrapped in paper. To increase its softness, lightly apply a layer of glycerin on its surface. Or a special preparation for leather clothing. Allow to dry before wearing.

Others are relatively simple. In short, no matter what clothes you want to collect, they must be clean and dry. When storing, it must be handled according to the structure of the clothing and the nature of its noodles.

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