How many kinds of common insect killer?

(1) Electric shock type mosquito killer

The electric mosquito killing lamp includes a lamp tube, a high-voltage electric shock net, and a seat frame. Its special feature is that the seat frame is composed of a top plate, a bottom plate, and two side plates. The two ends of the lamp tube are respectively installed on the two side plates.  The high-voltage electric shock net is installed on two side panels, and covers the front, upper and lower sides of the lamp tube. There is a mosquito storage box on the bottom plate of the seat frame. The mosquito storage box is located under the high-voltage electric shock net, on the front and back of the seat frame. There are front and rear protection nets respectively. There is a gap between the lower end of the front protection net and the bottom plate; the lower end of the front protection net is bent to form a wing net, which cooperates with the rear protection net to cover the lower part of the high-voltage electric shock net. There is a gap between it and the bottom plate, so it can not only collect electric mosquitoes, but also prevent personal injury caused by careless use, and it is safe to use.

The electronic mosquito killer lamp is manufactured by the principle that mosquitoes have a strong phototaxis and heat tendency, and the light source emitted by an ultraviolet fluorescent lamp induces mosquitoes to fly into the mosquito killer lamp and be electrocuted by the high-voltage power grid. The DC high voltage on the high-voltage power grid is usually 800~1500V, and the short-circuit current is less than 1mA, which is not dangerous to normal people. At the same time, the ultraviolet light emitted by the mosquito killer can be used for soft lighting at night. 2~8W; Therefore, the mosquito killer lamp is a small household appliance that is small in size, convenient to use, low power consumption, non-toxic, tasteless, and does not require mosquito killers.

There are various types of electronic mosquito killer lamps, the larger ones are generally used in hotels and restaurants. Generally speaking, the 12W electronic mosquito killer lamp can pipe 12 square meters, and the 12W airflow mosquito lamp can pipe 25 square meters, but the scope of both mosquito killers is limited to one room. The airflow mosquito lamp cannot be hung, while the electronic mosquito killer lamp can be hung. If it is placed in a place where mosquitoes frequent, the effect will be better.

(2) Sticky trap mosquito killer

The stick-catching insect-killing lamp is a structure that overturns the high-voltage current inverter of the traditional electric-shock insect-killing lamp. It uses unique ultraviolet light and non-toxic glue to attract and catch flying insects. It is an environmentally friendly mosquito-killing equipment that meets the key pest control requirements in safety management systems such as QS, HACCP, AIB, SSOP, and GMP.

It is widely used in the production and processing places of various foods and food-related products, such as bakeries, slaughterhouses, processing rooms, etc., and can also be used in public health places such as airports, schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, canteens, etc. that require high sanitary conditions It can also be used in production and processing places such as electronics, precision instruments, chemistry and chemical engineering, printing and packaging.

(3) Airflow type

The airflow mosquito lamp is similar in appearance to a general electric fan, and its volume is smaller than that of an electric fan, and it has a built-in lamp tube and heating wire. The airflow mosquito lamp only needs to be connected to the power supply, without any auxiliary conditions, without any chemical substances, and is mainly based on the principle of aerodynamics to kill mosquitoes, and the generated airflow makes the indoor air fresh.

The mosquito suction machine automatically attracts mosquitoes to the power grid to kill them according to the principle of wind mechanics. There is no open flame or electric current. The original function of purifying circulating air, enhancing memory, refreshing and refreshing.

(4) Photocatalytic mosquito trap

The photocatalytic mosquito trap is the only mosquito trap that uses the integrated technology of light, taste and wind. It is currently the most advanced and environmentally friendly product in the world. After years of research by international mosquito experts, it has been discovered that mosquitoes find people by the carbon dioxide breath emitted by the human body, and when they feel the carbon dioxide airflow, they immediately fly to this airflow. And they also have phototaxis and weak wind, which can attract them is ultraviolet light. The photocatalytic mosquito trap adopts the mosquito’s favorite ultraviolet light mosquito trap, which emits at 360 angles, plus a low temperature effect, which can attract mosquitoes and flies in any direction; it is released through the photocatalytic reaction between the ultraviolet light trap and the photocatalyst Carbon dioxide and air flow, the humid breath of carbon dioxide emitted by the model human body, induces mosquitoes to fly. The fan stirs the surrounding air at a high speed to form a vortex, so that mosquitoes that are accustomed to flying with the air flow come with the wind. Once the mosquitoes are sucked into the trap window, it is absolutely difficult to escape the strong vortex formed by the fan. They will be sucked by the fan to the bottom of the trap until it dries and dies.

The photocatalytic mosquito trap is the most environmentally friendly and efficient mosquito killer. The mosquito trap has a wavelength of 360-380 nanometers, which is harmless to the human body; a small amount of carbon dioxide and water come from photocatalysis, which is equivalent to human breathing, without any toxic chemicals Ingredients: The photocatalytic reaction can also purify the air, effectively kill all kinds of bacteria in the air, and absorb all kinds of toxic and harmful gases. It has the same killing effect on flies and moths, and the overall performance is better than other mosquito-killing products. Its biggest feature is that it can continuously hunt and kill blood-sucking female mosquitoes in the same space, thereby effectively interrupting the mosquito population reproduction cycle in the space and the larger area around it, and achieving the effect of killing mosquitoes in groups.

The photocatalytic mosquito trap uses the vortex formed by the fan to dehydrate and dry the mosquitoes to death. There is no "pop" noise of the electric mosquito trap, and there is no accident caused by high-voltage electricity, so it is safer and more reliable. It is widely used in various indoor and outdoor places such as families, hotels, restaurants, student dormitories, hospitals, cafes, bars, theaters, offices, canteens, kitchens, breeding farms, food processing plants, workshops, and outdoors.
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