Have you used these mosquito killer products correctly?

Mosquito coils, lighting the mosquito coils before dark will provide the best mosquito repellent effect. In addition, the use time of electric mosquito coils should not exceed 8 hours. If in a closed room, mosquito coils can kill mosquitoes; in ventilated places, mosquito coils can play a role in repelling mosquitoes.
Regarding the mosquito-repellent incense sheet (liquid) commonly used in residents’ homes, experts said that the mosquito-repellent incense sheet (liquid) contains insecticides. Although its toxicity is very low, direct contact should be minimized if it is touched. Wash your hands in time. When using in a closed and poorly ventilated room, pay attention to timely ventilation and do not use it for more than 8 hours at a time. And do not place it in a corner or under curtains, as this will affect the insecticidal effect. The elderly, patients, and people with allergies should use mosquito nets or other physical methods to prevent mosquitoes.

   In addition, electric mosquito coils (liquid) have a certain amount of effective mosquito repellent space. Excessive space or long use time will affect the mosquito repellent effect. The summer is sultry and the doors and windows of the room are mostly in a ventilated state. The mosquito coiler should be placed upwind to achieve a better killing effect.

   Aerosol, the peak of mosquito activity at dusk, the use of aerosol at this time can have the greatest effect. When using insecticidal aerosol, try not to spray it directly on clothing, sheets, furniture, skin, and tableware. When the number of mosquitoes is not large, it is not recommended to use insecticidal aerosol.
   In addition, when using insecticidal aerosols, be careful to spray flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes in the air at an angle of 45°. After spraying, it is best to close the doors and windows for half an hour to an hour, and then open the windows for ventilation. Insecticidal aerosols are convenient to use, but overspraying will also have a certain degree of toxicity to the human body. Therefore, you must pay attention to safety when using insecticidal aerosols at home to prevent poisoning.

   Many people have a misconception that the smell of aerosol can smoke and kill mosquitoes, but in fact it can only kill mosquitoes (touch kill) when it comes in contact with the body of the mosquito. Simply spraying aerosols indoors and closing the doors and windows in the hope that the smell can kill the mosquitoes is not effective.

   Repellent, not all toilet water is anti-mosquito repellent. Mosquito repellent toilet water is based on common toilet water, added with DEET, mosquito repellent, hydroxyphenoxylate and other mosquito-repellent toilet water. Consumers should pay attention to whether the product says "mosquito repellent toilet water" when purchasing. And the product should have "three certificates" complete, that is, it has pesticide registration certificate number or temporary registration certificate number, production license or product standard document number, and product standard number.
   Generally speaking, if you just prevent mosquito bites on a daily basis, choose the above effective mosquito repellent ingredient concentration below 10%. However, if you are going to Southeast Asia, Africa or the Americas where there are outbreaks of malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, Zika fever and other mosquito-borne diseases, it is recommended that you choose a high concentration of 10%-30% mosquito repellent toilet water.

   At the same time, regular mosquito repellent toilet water will indicate its effective protection time on the product packaging, usually about 4 hours. The effect of the medicine is related to the amount of activity and sweating. If you are outdoors, the duration of the effect may be shortened, so it should be applied in time. In addition, pay attention to whether you have allergies.

  Mosquitoes are not all nocturnal animals. For example, Aedes albopictus, which spreads dengue fever, generally likes to be active during the day, so mosquito prevention is also required when going out during the day. During the day when outdoor activities are carried out in green belts, forest belts, etc., it is best to use mosquito repellent (repellent) and wear light-colored clothing as much as possible.
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