Have you ever used such a magnifying glass? really convenient to read, repair and manicure!

This is a multi-functional magnifying glass lamp, suitable for beauty, hairdressing, reading, precision instrument maintenance, dentistry, embroidery, tattoos and many other fields. Through an enlarged magnifying glass and a cold light tube, you can clearly see the skin, manuscript, circuit board and other details.

reading magnifying glass

High-quality diopter and lamp tube. The magnifying glass lamp is equipped with an 8-inch diameter high-quality refractive magnifying glass, which supports 5 times magnification and is more clear. Using a replaceable 13W uv cold light tube, the soft light can protect the eyes and reduce eye fatigue. Moreover, the lamp does not generate heat and can be turned on for a long time.

LED magnifying glass

Simple operation, one-key start, no need for manual debugging. There is a dust-proof protective cover on the mirror, which can be covered when not in use to keep the mirror clean. Equipped with 4 universal wheels, whether it is wooden floor, ceramic tile or carpet floor, it can be used from one room to another.

concise home magnifying lamp

This magnifying glass lamp is made of metal iron frame, strong and durable, and thick metal support arm. It can be rotated 360 degrees, and the angle can be adjusted up, down, left, and right to ensure that it can be adjusted at will in different scenarios.

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