Does your family hate smoke smell in the car?

Last month, our family planed to have a trip around Europe during the holiday. It is the beginning of the bad story!

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Both my wife and I had a long holiday after Christmas, so I drove my car with my wife happily, we married last year, this is the first time we travel together by ourselves.

I thought it would be a great trip, but my wife was not that happy, she didn't say anything but I can feel her bad mood. Untill we got back home, she told me the truth that she dislike the smoke smell in our car. 

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But I need to take many different people by my car due to my work, some of them may smoke in it, this is what I can not control, so I am very troubled by this now, I am really sory for my wife.

What if I have something to clean the smoke smell in my car before our next driving trip? Is there any thing can help me overcome this situation?

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