Does ozone really smell?

What is ozone?

Humans have discovered ozone for a hundred years. At an altitude of 15-25 kilometers from the surface of the earth, due to the sun's ultraviolet rays, an ozone layer is formed that surrounds the outer space of the earth. This thick ozone layer is what mankind depends on. The umbrella to survive. This is what most people know about ozone.

Humans really knew about ozone more than 150 years ago. The German chemist Dr. Schanbein first proposed the odor produced in water electrolysis and spark discharge. , Is the same as the smell produced by lightning in the natural world. Dr. Xianbein believes that its smell is similar to the Greek word OZEIN (meaning "unpleasant"), so he named it OZONE (ozone).

Ozone, also known as three atoms Oxygen is named for its smell similar to fishy smell. Its molecular formula is O3, which is an allotrope of oxygen and has its own unique properties:

1. Under natural conditions, it is generally a light blue gas , When using an oxygen source to artificially produce high concentrations, ozone is blazing white;

2. It has a fishy smell similar to that after lightning;

3. Under standard pressure and normal temperature, its solubility in water is 13 times that of oxygen;

4. Ozone is heavier than air and is 1.658 times that of air;

5. Ozone has a strong oxidizing power and is one of the strongest known oxidants;

6. Under normal circumstances, ozone is extremely unstable and easily decomposes into oxygen;

7. Ozone Molecules are diamagnetic and easy to combine with an electron to become a negative ion molecule;

8. The half-life of ozone in the air is generally 20-50 minutes, which increases with the increase of temperature and humidity;

9. The half-life of ozone in water is about 35 minutes depending on the water quality It differs from water temperature;

10. Ozone is extremely stable in ice, and its half-life is 2000 years.

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