Daily skin care precautions, take care of your skin more

1. Daily routine and diet will affect the skin, try to go to bed early, exercise more, and maintain a healthy diet with low sugar and low fat!

2. If you have put on makeup and applied high-power physical sunscreen, you must remove it first.

3. Cleansing the face twice a day is enough, don't over-cleanse.

4. Muscle foundation and skin care essential oil can be based on your skin type and where you are environmental and seasonal judgments are added to the process. Don’t use products with all functions. Add a little, so as not to over-maintain and cause a burden on the skin.

5. For young skin, if the essence and lotion are moisturizing enough, face cream can be omitted from the skin care process.

6. Girls over 25 years old can add anti-aging, anti-aging, essences and creams with anti-wrinkle and firming effects.

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