[CH-0009/CH10009] Concise Home Electric Clothes Dryer Introduction Manual

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Electric Clothes Dryer
Instruction Manual

CE certificated clothes dryer

Model: CH-0009/CH10009

Round Clothes Dryer

A. Manual

Please read this manual carefully before use
To Dear Customer:
Thank you for choosing our multifunction dryers, our clothes dryer is designed to
be simple and easy to use.
Before use: The precautions shown here are to prevent damage to and damage
to you or others. Divided into "warning" and "attention" in two parts, both of which
are important aspects of security, please be sure to comply.
Warning: Indicates misuse of content that may cause injury,
CAUTION: Indicates that incorrect use may cause damage to the product

B. Caveat

> Please use a wet cloth to wipe away from the water source and the fire 1.5 meters or more when the clothes dryer is normal or still. Do not rinse directly with water. 
> Cleaning: If the plug (metal part) is dusty, please wipe carefully.
> If the power cord, the plug is broken, or the external part is not tight Please do not use, so as to avoid electric shock, short circuit, fire.
> Please do not connect 220V power supply, so as to avoid short circuit, electric shock, fire.
> This product is only used for drying after washing clothes, please do not use him, so as not to damage the clothing.

> When disconnecting the power, be sure to hold the plug, do not pull the power cord directly, so as to avoid electric shock, short circuit, fire.
> Dry clothes, please dehydrate the clothes or wring dry, so as not to cause a lot of water droplets wet floor, and can improve the safety factor, shorten the drying time, save energy.
> Do not touch the metal part of the outlet to avoid burns.
> Disconnect the power when the product is not in use.
> Please pay attention to the logo on the clothing before making sure that the clothes can use the clothes dryer and choose the appropriate drying temperature.
> The inclination of the dryer should not exceed 15 degrees.
> When using the dryer, keep the room ventilated.
> Please keep the principle when using the wall more than 1.5 meters.
> Please make sure that the temperature is more than 75 degrees and the dry weight is not more than 10KGS.
> If the power cord is broken, please find a professional maintenance worker or an authorized service person.
> Please do not use this product directly in the bathroom or with a swimming pool.

At any time, please make sure adults are away from the dryer Inadequate mobility, lack of self-control or lack of necessary experience or related knowledge Please do not use the dryer.

C. Technical Parameters

Voltage: 220V/110V
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 1000W
Drying capacity: ≤ 10KGS
Timing time: 0-180 minutes

D. Installation

1. Insert the three support feet into the corresponding holes in the body and insert them in place. (Figure 1)

installation of clothes dryer 1

2. Place the waterproof cover in the column, then align the interface, rotate it, align the screw port, and do not bend it. (Figure 2)

installation of clothes dryer 2

3. The plastic umbrella stand and the second support bar are mounted rotatably. (Figure 3)

installation of clothes dryer 3

4. Finally, insert the top of the large umbrella frame, suitable for hangers, pants and so on. (Figure 4)

installation of clothes dryer 4

5. Insert the middle of the umbrella frame, you can hang in the middle of a layer of towels, dolls small objects. (Figure 5)

installation of clothes dryer 5

Instructions for use:

1. Insert the plug into the socket. (Note: the plug must be fully inserted)
2. Turn the timer switch, the dryer starts to work, the power indicator light.
3. Rotate the switch dryer clockwise to start work, and at the same time select the timing time, dry clothes machine optional 0-180 minutes.
4. The middle position is off
5. Counterclockwise rotary switch for infinite time to open.

E. Troubleshooting

Fault Phenomenon: Turn the knob after turning on the power, the power light does not light, the machine does not work
Cause of Issue: 
1. power outage
2. The socket fuse is damaged
3. The plug is loose and badly connected

Fault Phenomenon: Dry clothes for too long, more than two hours
Cause of Issue:
1.The clothes are too thick
2.The clothes are not dehydrated

Fault Phenomenon: There is an abnormal sound
Cause of Issue: 1. There are debris in the air inlet

Fault Phenomenon: The drying process suddenly stops
Cause of Issue:
1.the drying process is blocked by the clothing or other debris, the circuit into the protection state
2. more than the timing time

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