8 Tips for Correct Skin Care to Help You Become More and More Beautiful

1. Be sure to pay attention to moisturizing and sunscreen after brushing acid.

2. When the budget is limited, try to spend all the money on the essence.

3. Choose anti-oxidant essence during the day and repair essence at night.

4. The single dosage of moisturizing cream is too large, and if it does so for a long time, it is easy to close the mouth.

5. The outer oil is dry inside, and the outer dry and inner oil are not skin dehydration, but the stratum corneum is damaged.

6. Whether you go to exfoliation or not, your stratum corneum will be metabolized in 28 days.

7. For closed mouth exfoliation, you can choose a higher concentration, but the fruit acid should not exceed 8%
Do not exceed 2% salicylic acid.

8. The easiest way to identify soap base is to find out if there is these elements on the top 5 of the ingredient list: myristic acid, potassium hydroxide stearate.

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