5 Ways to Remove Terrible Odors in the Car

Do you often find the smell in the car unbearable? Even don’t want to take a car?Here we tell you some ways to remove the terrible odors in the car

1. Minimize smoking and eating in the car, and drive the windows to ventilate frequently to maintain air circulation in the car.

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2. The cleanliness of the air-conditioning filter element is very important. The air-conditioning filter element can filter out the outside into the car. If harmful substances such as dust, bacteria, and particulate matter in the air are not replaced regularly, it will not only affect the air quality in the car but also affect the cooling effect of the vehicle.

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3. The use of car perfume can uniquely capture odor molecules and decompose them. The method plays the role of purifying the air.

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4. The bamboo charcoal bag can effectively adsorb odor molecules, and it also has a strong adsorption force. It is also a good choice to put a few bamboo charcoal bags in the car.

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5. Using a car ozone air purifier, with the car’s own air conditioning system, can easily remove the smoke, pet odor, damp and musty smell in the car, and ozone can not only purify the air, but also has a sterilization effect, making the air in the car more fresh and clean, but when buying a car ozone air purifier, you need to choose a suitable ozone output. If you want to use it for a long time while driving, it is best to choose a purifier with a low ozone output, such as 5-10mg/h. If you want to clean it once every few months, you can buy 5000-10000mg/h ozone generator when you are not using the vehicle, so that the cleaning is more thorough.

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